Laser Skin Treatment

Revitalize your skin with a laser skin treatment from Laurie Coombs in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Laser treatment can help with a variety of skin conditions.

LHE/IPL Photo Facial

These treatments help reduce signs of aging and sun damage. It helps with rosacea, fine lines, brown spots, and uneven skin tones. The process requires three to six treatments, with a two to three week wait between treatments. Call us for pricing details.

LHE/IPL Acne Treatment

This treatment focuses on reducing and eliminating acne. Light and heat wave lengths penetrate clogged pores, killing bacteria and reducing inflammation. This should be done twice a week for three to four weeks. Call for an appointment.

Beautiful Woman - Skin Treatment

Laser Light LHE/IPL Hair Removal

This permanent hair reduction removes up to 80% of hair. It's great for underarms, bikini areas, legs, and men's backs. The best results are with dark hair in the growth phase. It does not work on blonde or gray hair.

Light and heat wave lengths cause significant destruction to the hair follicle. A 1" x 2" area can be treated by one pulse. During treatment, a slight flash of heat is felt. About 6 to 10 treatments are needed for it to be effective. Call for pricing details.

Contact us in Wellesley, Massachusetts, for advanced laser skin treatment that will clear up your skin.